At Austin, safety is a requirement thoroughly embedded in our culture.

From our head office to each field operation, our employee-owners take personal responsibility for job safety. If they see an unsafe act, they are empowered to stop work and correct it.


Diversity and Inclusion

Austin is a strong proponent for diversity in all that we do.

We involve qualified minority, women, disadvantaged, small, and veteran businesses to the greatest extent feasible because we recognize that diversity-based economic development is vital.



As a responsible corporate citizen, Austin and its employee-owners are obligated to protect and preserve the environment as we work. To accomplish this, we commit to sustainable solutions to mitigate our impact on the environment.



At Austin, our core value of integrity serves as the foundation of our high ethical standards and sustainable corporate governance. We strive to do what is right long-term for our employee-owners, customers and all of Austin’s stakeholders.

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