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Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

The new 51,000 square foot Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum located in the historic West End District of downtown Dallas opens in the fall of 2019.? The new Museum will be unlike any other. It will investigate the causes, aftermath, and lessons learned from the Holocaust, and explore modern-day genocides and the continuing commitment to human and civil rights in Texas and the United States through state-of-the-art, interactive technology, and exhibitions.

The facility will include a lobby and registration desk, a 250-seat theater, 17,500 square feet of rotating and permanent exhibits, two 50-seat classrooms that are expandable and contractible based on need.? A memorial room and a reflection room provide space for introspection. Additional features include a library, museum store, a climate-controlled archive storage facility, office space with a conference room, a catering kitchen, loading dock and exhibit receiving area.? There is a bus drop-off drive and a courtyard. Austin has worked extensively coordinating exhibits with expert designers.

  • Company

    Austin Commercial

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    Sports/Public Assembly/Themed Entertainment

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