AUGUSTA, Georgia – Austin Industrial employment coordinator Keith Aiken was recently selected as chair of the North Augusta Chamber of Commerce Workforce & Education Council. Aiken previously served as chairman of the board for the Chamber. The Workforce & Education Council was created this year to encourage local businesses to invest in North Augusta youth.

“Our aim is to bridge the gap between the young members of our community and our businesses,” said Aiken. “We needed a platform to continually invest skills and knowledge training in the next generation of our industry leaders.”

One of the new initiatives of the council is the Junior Leadership Academy (JLA), a summer program for rising ninth-graders in the community. The program is designed to promote leadership development in teens by practicing self-awareness and developing important skills such as financial literacy, team building, communication and civil engagement. The five-week program includes an orientation, seven sessions, a graduation ceremony at completion, and is open to all ninth-graders in the area. As chair, Aiken helped with planning and will provide leadership and content throughout the summer.

“We want to make the education and development of local students a community responsibility,” said Aiken. “Through supporting them, we are supporting the future of our community and businesses.”

About Austin Industrial

Austin Industrial is a premier provider of maintenance, construction, and soft craft services to the oil, gas, and chemical; power; pulp and paper; and manufacturing industries. Austin Industrial is a privately held, merit shop company with 4,200 employee-owners. Its core service areas are the Gulf Coast and the southeastern United States, with capabilities to perform nationwide. Austin is committed to safety above all else and to staying ahead by thinking ahead. For more information, contact Austin Industrial at (713) 641-3400.

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