Austin Industrial Earns Twelve AFPM Contractor Safety Achievement Awards

GRAPEVINE, Texas – Austin Industrial was honored with 12 Contractor Safety Achievement Awards by the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) for 2018 performance at the organization’s 27th Annual Safety Awards dinner held April 25. AFPM’s Safety and Health Committee sponsors the awards to promote safety achievements in the petroleum refining, petrochemical manufacturing, and contracting industries.

Austin was recognized for safely performing maintenance, construction, plant services, and soft craft services at 12 different AFPM member company sites in Texas that include five plants in Bayport, one complex in Channelview, three plants in La Porte, a refinery in Houston, a refinery complex in Sweeny, and a plant in Point Comfort. Nominated contractors must meet minimal requirements in a wide variety of areas, as measured by OSHA records and reported data. Criteria include injury and illness data, incident severity screenings; best practices in the areas of site safety processes, audits and observations, mentoring, near-miss reporting, and frontline leadership programs; and the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program. In addition to the contracting awards, one Austin site manager was recognized by the owner’s plant management team as a strong influence on their receipt of the Distinguished Safety Award – considered to be AFPM’s highest annual honor.

Austin achieved a 0.27 total recordable incident rate in 2018, measured over 8.13 million work hours. The company recently completed its sixth consecutive month with zero recordable incidents in more than four million hours worked. Safety performance is Austin’s most important core value – in 2018, the company unveiled several new programs, including the AustinCARE cloud-based safety intelligence application and associated results dashboards; a process safety management craft training skid; a new augmented and virtual reality training program; and job-specific craft training videos in Spanish and English, to show to field crews just prior to completing a task.

“Nothing is more important to us as a contractor than keeping our employee-owners and the people we work alongside us safe,” said Austin Industrial President Michael J. Cox. “Recognition for our safety performance by peer groups is the highest type of honor we ever hope to achieve.”

About Austin Industrial

Austin Industrial is a premier provider of maintenance, construction, and soft craft services to the oil, gas, and chemical; power; pulp and paper; and manufacturing industries. Austin Industrial is a privately held, merit shop company with 4,200 employee-owners. Its core service areas are the Gulf Coast and the southeastern United States, with capabilities to perform nationwide. Austin is committed to safety above all else and to staying ahead by thinking ahead. For more information, contact Austin Industrial at (713) 641-3400.

In the photo:?Austin was recognized with twelve Contractor Safety Awards at the AFPM awards dinner in Grapevine, Texas on Apr. 25. Honoring and accepting for Austin were, from left: Robert Herman, AFPM; Joseph Gorder, AFPM Board Chairman; Luke Mazur, Austin Director of Health, Safety, & Environmental (HSE); Troi Bryant, Austin Regional HSE Manager; Marcus Davis, Austin Site Manager; Daniel Coombs, AFPM; and Chet Thompson, President and CEO – AFPM.

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