ORLANDO, Florida – On October 26, Associated Builders and Contractors of Central Florida Chapter (ABC) recognized Austin Commercial for the Old Port Royale at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort project at the Excellence in Construction Awards (EIC), which showcased projects built by ABC of Central Florida members that were rigorously judged on an array of criteria. This event recognizes outstanding projects in the commercial and industrial construction industry.

Austin Commercial had the opportunity to enter the annual competition and was judged on safety, quality, ingenuity, and workmanship. The project was evaluated by local owners, architects, and engineers on safety, execution of design, craftsmanship, attention to detail, installation, and other considerations. The company was awarded the Eagle Award in the category of Commercial construction.

The renovation of 36,000 SF of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort included multiple projects and buildings, each with detailed specialty finishes and theming. The main commercial building was renovated with a new resort entrance, lobby and check-in and a new kitchen and quick service restaurant. In front of the property three new guest bus shelters were added. Other new additions included a new merchandise store, an indoor/outdoor covered patio for dining and a new porte-cochere for buses and shuttles. Additionally a new table service restaurant, bar and the Banana Cabana overlooking the resort’s pool and boardwalk that runs along the lake’s edge was completed.

ABC members are renowned for their dedication to safety and excellence in the construction field, and the awards program demonstrated that commitment.

About Austin Commercial

Austin Commercial is one of the largest, most diversified builders in the United States, nationally recognized for exceptional safety, comprehensive diversity-inclusion programs, and innovative construction solutions. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, its six regional offices serve the following markets: advanced technology, aviation, corporate offices, healthcare, hospitality, mission-critical, mixed-use retail and residential, public assembly and sports, and university. As part of Austin Industries, 100% owned by its 6,000+ employees, it is guided by its core values of Safety, Service, Integrity, and Employee-Ownership. We own it. For more information, visit www.jypt2.com.

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