The Austin brand

Our well-respected brand is our most valuable asset. It embodies all that we stand for, conveys the Core Values, beliefs and principles upon which we operate and serves as our introduction in any forum.

Our logos

This is the official version of the Austin logo and is the ONLY mark to be used for identifying Austin Industries, its operating companies and divisions.

The logo – whether displayed by itself or in an authorized signature – should always stand alone as a separate entity. The logo should never be manipulated or altered for reproduction.

The Austin signature

The Austin signature is a combination of the Austin logo and the company name, or logotype. The signature consists of three elements: the Austin logo, the company logotype, and a linking phrase: “An Austin Industries Company”.

Signatures are typically used on stationery, advertisements, promotional material, signage and other visual forms of communication.


For Austin logos and signature files available for download, see the “Media Downloads” section on the right.


Color forms an essential component of the Austin brand, represented on our logo, marketing, advertising, signage, vehicles, stationery, business cards, and more.

“Austin” red is the approved corporate color of Austin, supported by black. See below for specific color model settings for each.

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