At Austin, our core value of integrity serves as the foundation of our high ethical standards and sustainable corporate governance. We strive to do what is right long-term for our employee-owners, customers and all of Austin’s stakeholders. We value the trust placed in our company, and our Board and leadership both are accountable for our performance. We continually assess our governance principles to ensure that we are operating our business responsibly, ethically and in a manner aligned with the interests of our stakeholders.


Integrity at Austin is comprised of four primary components: honesty, reliability, fairness, and accountability. It’s our way of being, and guides our other core values:

Integrity in


Every employee-owner has the power and moral obligation to stop work if they see something unsafe.

Integrity in


We serve with excellence everyone we come into contact with, regardless of whether it is advantageous to do so.

Integrity in


Being employee-owners means that everything we do has our name on it. We treat each person, project and process with the attention and respect it deserves.

Code of business conduct

At Austin, as employee-owners, our ownership mentality instills in us a pride in our work and the way in which we do it. We are bound by the Austin Code of Conduct, a guiding document that specifies that each employee-owner’s conduct must be both lawful and ethical and that we have a moral obligation to question behaviors or activities we feel do not meet this standard. With integrity as our guide, we maintain strict adherence to this ethical approach to our work, our customers, our employee-owners, and the communities in which we work. This includes, but is not limited to, human rights, conflicts of interest, discrimination, harassment, confidentiality, competition, and fair dealing. All employee-owners participate in our Foundations training upon hiring, where all must learn, understand, and acknowledge our commitment to integrity.

Director selections and evaluations

The Nominating and Governance Committee is responsible for reviewing with the board, on an annual basis, the requisite skills and characteristics of board members as well as the composition of the board as a whole. This assessment will include members’ qualification as independent, as well as consideration of character, judgment, diversity, age, skills, including financial literacy, and experience in the context of the needs of the board.

Corporate governance principles

Our board of directors and executive leadership team are firmly committed to ethical business practices, based on our core value of integrity and our code of business conduct. Our directive for our board composition specifies that we always have a majority of independent directors from outside Austin, exemplifying our ethical approach to governance. Five of seven directors are independent, while one is female. Their background represents a wealth of diverse tenure and experience in their respective industries. Also, our board regularly reviews evolving corporate governance best practices, regulatory requirements, and feedback from customers and stakeholders, and makes changes in the best of interest of Austin and its employee-owners.

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