Whenever two or more people interact, a culture is developed.

Whether an encounter is brief or ongoing, determining what it takes to survive and thrive in personal interactions is more often than not crucial to our success and happiness. At Austin Industries, we take the success and happiness of our employee-owners seriously, and as a result, we take the formation of our culture seriously.

Culture is the DNA of our organization, and because leadership drives company culture, we have developed leadership programs to promote the desired culture at every level of the company. Austin was founded as a family business, and we want to maintain a familial culture where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

At Austin, we are more than numbers. We are owners. Rather than just cogs in a wheel, we encourage and equip our employee-owners to become more of what they were created to be, more human, just by virtue of being members of the Austin team.

Culture and leadership team

Because of the importance of culture, we have devoted a department to Leadership and Culture across Austin. Each quarter, the Leadership and Culture team immerses new employee-owners into Austin's culture through a three-day orientation program called Foundations. There, attendees learn about Austin's core values, history, business, and departmental functions.

An advanced leadership development program, called Cornerstone, is designed for the next generation of Austin’s leaders. Participants engage in an 18-month program that focuses on interpersonal leadership competencies to help identify the leaders that will take Austin to new heights.

In addition, team-building workshops and company functions all work in concert to shape Austin's culture. This investment in our people puts Austin on the cutting edge of employee growth and retention, and makes Austin a special place to work.

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