Why Become Part of Austin’s ESOP?

Unlike other companies that may be privately or publicly-held, Austin is 100% owned by our employees. It’s a source of pride for every one of our 6,000+ employee-owners that we have a vested interest in the day-to-day success of our company. We share in Austin’s growth and profitability, and are accountable to ourselves for doing everything it takes to serve our customers with excellence and to make Austin the best it can be. After all, We Own It.

Ownership benefits everyone!

Austin’s employee-ownership structure is called an Employee Stock Ownership Program, or ESOP. Every employee-owner is enrolled automatically after one year of service, and the company then begins making annual contributions to each employee-owner’s account. Those that also participate in Austin’s 401k plan with a matching contribution from the company have an incredible opportunity to accrue significant savings!

Eight great ESOP benefits:

  • ?Provides 9,000+ past and present Austin employee-owners with ESOP benefits
  • ?Prompts all to think AND act like owners
  • ?Creates an environment of caring about customers and fellow employee-owners
  • ?Ensures an equal stake - nobody owns more than 1% of Austin
  • ?Creates job satisfaction for all and an atmosphere of teamwork
  • ?Increases engagement in all that we do
  • ?Creates job security for all employee-owners
  • ?Generates on average for ESOP participants more than 2.5 times the retirement funds than that of non-ESOP employees

Take control of your career

If you want to own Austin and your career, join us! At Austin, We Own It.

So Don’t Just Work For Austin. Own It.

  • "For almost a century, it has been our employee-owners who have been our greatest asset. They are the core of our business." David Walls, CEO and President

  • “When employee-owners say Austin is “my” company, they mean that in a real, tangible sense. They own it.” Bill Solomon, Austin’s former CEO & President and Austin ESOP founder

  • “The strength of Austin is its people. The employee stock ownership plan assures that the company's continued success will directly benefit the people doing the work.". Bill Solomon.

No employee-owner at Austin Industries holds more than 1% ownership in the company. Everyone has an equitable stake in our company.

Austin employee-owners work for each other, our customers, our communities, and the success of our company.

Austin jobs

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Whether you are a craft worker, college graduate or seasoned professional, Austin Industries will provide you a unique employment opportunity. Austin Industries is 100 percent employee-owned, so each employee-owner has a stake in the company’s success, and the company has a stake in each employee-owner’s success.

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 Benefits and compensation

Employee-owners are covered by a comprehensive benefits package that includes group insurance, 401(k), and an excellent employee stock ownership plan, or ESOP.

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Our career craft positions are located throughout the United States, and are in high-demand. Apply today!

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